EYFS Learning and Development


EYFS Learning and Development

Early Years Learning and Development information for Parents

Activities will be varied and interesting offering learning opportunities for all stages of development. Our main aim is that the children have fun whilst learning through play.

Planning is put in place to guide staff to support individual children. Providing children with a balance of adult and child led activities, within rich learning environments. Staff observe, plan and assess children to provide appropriate activities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child and give your child every opportunity to progress and achieve their early learning goals.

Little Buds follows the Stage Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage (March 2017) and The non statutory document Early Years Outcomes (Sept 13).

Little Buds believe that it is vital we have good links with each child’s family to ensure we meet the child’s care and educational needs.

Parents comments and input through, Induction processes, All About Me document which are completed when a child first starts at nursery, this gives us a starting point to begin planning for the individual child. This on-going shared information will continue throughout the child’s development whilst attending Little Buds. Information parents share is a vital part of the planning, observation and assessment cycle.

Wow sheets are a way you can do this by recording information about significant events or achievements and returning comments to nursery.

The information is used to celebrate the child’s progress, build on the individual child’s interests and support and extend learning within nursery.

We use an app called 2 simple to build a profile, which is used to carry out, observations, next steps and tracking, each child has their own profile. We share with parents their child’s observations and assessments that have been carried out. Parents can also add comments and share information about their child’s development and progress at home. A hard copy will also be available, each child will have their own individual development folder which shows evidence of your child’s progress.

Each child is individually observed twice a term and incidental observations carried out as children achieve goals, next steps are also planned to encourage your child to progress.

Parents will be invited to look at the folders throughout the year. However parents can request to view the folder at any time.

The folders are presented to families when your child leaves, if your child leaves mid- term you may be asked to collect your child’s folder at the end of the term.

Learning Environment

The Early Years environment supports learning through play, first-hand experience, active investigation and talk as well as adult led activities.

Staff promote Our British Values, through everyday practice, for example, routines, celebrations and awareness of diversity,circle times, Our Promises, rules and boundaries and much more. We aim to provide rich and varied environments, both indoor and outdoor, with opportunities to develop across all 7 areas of learning. Our environment aims to make children feel safe and secure yet confident to try new things and take risks. We provide a welcoming and accepting environment where children know their efforts, feelings and opinions will be accepted and valued. We must consider the age and stage of the children when planning the learning environment for example the 2 year old’s or children who require additional support within their learning and development.