Invoice are sent out at least week prior to due date. Fees should be paid on the first of each month.
Little Buds is closed on Bank Holidays and over the Christmas period when Little Buds closes for 2wks, full fee will be required from all registered children.

Children aged 3 years plus can attend term time only, and this would be no charges during school  holidays. Childcare during school holidays can be booked according to your childcare needs at this time.

Fees must be paid on the first of each month; fees can be paid by cheque, standing order, or cash.

Please be aware if you are behind with your fees this is how we will require you to pay to bring fees immediately up to date.

Please inform the manager on how you will be paying your childcare fees.


We accept childcare vouchers.

No paper vouchers, electronic only

Use child’s name as a reference

Allow at least a week from the date of transaction for it to show as paid on your invoice.

If you go into arrears with your childcare fees action will be taken and this may result in loss of childcare place.

If you have any difficulty in paying your fees on time please don’t hesitate to speak to Amy Warnick the Nursery Manager to arrange some flexibility of payment.

Thank you


15 hours

Children receiving the 15 hours nursery grant entitlement, please speak to a member of management regarding how you can divide your grant between settings and get the best out of the entitlement, covering the childcare hours you require. Please be aware the grant covers term time only, any childcare required during school holidays must be booked in advance.

30 hours

Places available will be limited

The 30 hours per week term time however the grant can be divided across the year (It can be carried over and used during school holidays). The 30 hours can be split across settings for example Little Buds and Holly Nursery and used to cover the childcare hours you require. To be eligible for this grant the following condition’s apply, for a two parent family both parents must be working and earn under 100,000, for a one parent family they must be working over 16 hours per week. To find out more contact Sefton’s Family Information Service 0345 140 0845 or visit www.seftondirectory.com/childcare.

Session Times and Fees from September 2017