Settling into Little Buds


Settling in procedure

Transition from home to nursery or from one nursery to another nursery or from one room to another room, causes change in your child’s life and although all children experience changes throughout their early years it is important to make them as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

We invite parents to visit the setting with their child prior to admission. Before the induction stage begins the manager or deputy must have received Registration forms and had the opportunity to go through it and ask the parent or guardian any questions about the information received. All About Me documents are also asked to be completed and returned before the child’s visit this allows staff to support the individual child appropriately.

During the child’s settling in visits the parents will be asked to complete development records across the prime areas. This allows staff to plot a starting point for the individuals child’s learning and development. This is also an opportunity for the parents to share with staff any key information about their child’s needs, interests and general development.


Prior to any baby starting routines will be discussed with parents and recorded for staff to follow, this ensures that staff are meeting the child’s needs. It is the parents responsibility to inform staff of any changes to their babies routine.

An induction period of a minimum of three visit sessions a week before they are due to start will be arranged, visits allow your child to settle into their new routine and environment. However the number of visits your child will require before starting will depend on the individual child’s progress in adapting to the setting. Visits can begin up to a month before the child’s start date and will be tailored to the families needs.

Phone calls to Little Buds to check on your child’s day are more than welcome.

Daily feedback will be given to families after each visit allowing us to plan further visits or set a start date. Parents are also asked to share their thoughts on how they feel their child is settling and share any key information that will help the staff support their child with settling in.

The short visits allow your child to feel safe and secure in the nursery and parents feel confident and happy that their child is happy and settled.